The children of Phalombe, Malawi

Our mission is to empower, inform, inspire and educate the children of Malawi to make life decisions that address the issues of early death, poverty, parentlessness, hunger, disease and homelessness

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Children empowered, fed, and educated since 2012

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About Bwanali Chipole Victory (BCV)


Education is the cornerstone of what we do at BCV.   Since 2011, we have placed emphasis on addressing this as a key tool to make a difference in the future of the children we serve.  Our goal is to make a difference, one child at a time.  By focusing on education we can make a sustainable difference.


Food is one of the core fundamental needs of all human beings.  We place direct emphasis on addressing this most basic of needs for our children.  One of the challenges we face is malnutrition.  Many of the children in our community are suffering from the effects of malnutrition.


We are currently in the process of constructing a facility that will house 112 girls & boys upon completion.  This will be a way for us to keep some of our children we serve overnight as we currently do not have the resources.

Maize & Rice Mill

It has been our goal from our inception to reliably address the needs of the children we serve through providing food, shelter, education, clothing, medical care, etc.  To do this, we believe that we have to evolve from being solely reliant on donations.  Our maize and rice mills have been generating revenue for over five years.


From providing relief from natural disasters with food and temporary housing to working with the local police and hospital to provide help for new mothers, we are committed to give help and hope to our community.

We Have the Power to Impact This Community, and We’re Doing Something About It

Years ago Jane Khembo began supporting and feeding some of her deceased cousins’ children. They had been left, orphaned and hungry due to the intense poverty in the region of Phalombe. Soon after she began feeding them, many others from 4 surrounding villages were brought to her attention that required the same necessities that are taken for granted in the developed world. She worked from October to December of 2011 with a local Bishop to feed children daily at the central location of the church. The vulnerable children have been receiving meals once or twice daily, depending on the finances being provided by Jane Khembo and donors. By the end of December, 130 children under the age of five were being fed each day.  Out of this was born BCV to meet the needs of this region.

We have continually educated and fed children since 2011. 



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Current Newsletter

We publish a newsletter quarterly to keep our supporters informed of the news and impact of BCV in our community.  Read the entire current newsletter here with photos. 


At BCV, we use a portion of our property to grow rice. The rice that we plant and harvest each year feeds our children. In addition to being a staple of a traditional Malawian meal, rice is a rich source of carbohydrates, the body’s main fuel source. Carbohydrates can keep you energized and satisfied, and are important for fueling exercise – a very important activity for our kids at playtime. As our children grow, rice helps them to develop and contributes to their protein, calcium, and B-vitamin intakes. Our position near a river with its source coming from Mount Mulanje allows us to have a perfect environment to plant and grow this rice each year. Our rice mill that was installed in 2021 allows us to harvest and mill our rice to be ready for consumption by our children when harvest season comes later in April and May. For mealtime, our kids eat their rice with vegetables and protein, which can be legumes, eggs, or meat. We are grateful to have had a successful planting season and are eagerly awaiting the harvest!


This January we received a generous
donation of rice and beans via SERV
International. Since the delivery,
the children have been able to eat
a nourishing meal of rice and beans
daily. The community was also
uplifted due to the word spreading
about how happy and blessed the
children are. Even city officials have
become aware of this donation and
the reaction of the children; they are
very pleased. The children shared
that they really enjoy the flavor
of the beans and they have been
finishing every single bite of their
meals. The impact of the donation
through SERV International is farreaching
and our organization is
grateful for the partnership.


We want to wish our founder, Jane Khembo, a happy birthday! She recently celebrated her birthday
in BCV style, by spending time with the children and dancing with them. We are so grateful for her
leadership and love for the children. We pray that God blesses her abundantly for her sacrifice and
dedication to transforming the lives of a generation in Malawi!


At the end of 2022, BCV was invited by the Phalombe Police Station to visit the maternity wing at the Phalombe Hospital. On our visit, we were able to gift the hospital with a drum containing baby clothes that are being used to clothe newborn babies, alleviating some stress that comes with a new baby for these expectant mothers. We are so honored to have a positive and collaborative relationship with the Phalombe Police and Phalombe Hospital because it allows us to extend our support to those who need it beyond our BCV operations. We would like to thank the many donations through the years that have allowed us to have the supplies to share in the community of Phalombe, Malawi!

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Justin Weimer Boys & Girls Dormitory Project

We are currently in the process of constructing a facility that will house 112 boys & girls upon completion.  This will be a way for us to keep some of our children we serve overnight as we currently do not have the resources.  We have already begun working with the local and national government and have begun the screening process so that we select those children who are most in need of housing.  Through the use of birth certificate records and other documents and agencies we can better identify those children.  We are fortunate to have the support and help of the social welfare offices as we work with them through this process.

Upon completion, the structure will be comprised of two parallel ranch style buildings that will house 56 girls per building.  Each building will have dormitory style housing for the children.  Four children per room.  We will have full time resident matrons as well for each building address the needs of the children, security measures, and other aspects pertinent to the long term sustainability of the building.

Give to the Boys & Girls Dormitory Project


The Bwanali-Chipole Victory Foundation provides nutritious meals, shelter, education, and healthcare to Malawi children orphaned by the HIV/AIDS epidemic with the financial support of donors and by cooperating and collaborating with local authorities, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and volunteers.


How can you help?
1. Give. monthly support and one time gifts help BVC impact this community Give here.
2. Donate supplies. The list of supplies needed is here.
3. Volunteer. Join us in Malawi. Be a part of the Gala. Become a BCV LOVE volunteer.


Reach us in the US: 678.598.2305 or 404.664.8489 or 404.310.9456

Reach us in Malawi: (011) +265 997 31 33 93 or (011) +265 888 34 60 27

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Send a letter: Bwanali-Chipole Victory Inc., P.O. Box 352, Roswell, GA 30077